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Helping People in Business with the Business of People

About Us


Shanekia Selby


Strategic Diversified Staffing, LLC

Why Choose Our Services

As the Founder of Strategic Diversified Staffing, LLC our success rests upon our commitment to value our clients’ traditions. We utilize our team’s expertise and engaging personalities to stimulate solution-oriented outcomes that exceeds our client’s expectations.

I live my life with great humility and promise to share my knowledge and experiences with those I meet in order to encourage and affirm that they too can indeed achieve their dreams.

Our Obligation

SDS is working to improve the nation’s economy by helping employers attract, hire, inspire and retain diverse top talent. We understand the needs and expectations of job seekers in the marketplace. We are talented at matching great employers with high performing employees. We pride ourselves with Exceptional Employees Exceeding Expectations. We are helping people in business with the business of people.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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